Kalkhoff Agattu Excite B8

Excitingly sovereign
A casual e-bike for the city? The Kalkhoff Agattu could be the right one. It has taken the big electric bike test in 2018.
The Agattu is one of the legendary Kalkhoff models that you could buy even before the premiere – the optimum blend of driving pleasure, suitability for everyday use and user value is convincing. Since Kalkhoff enjoys premium status in the company’s own brand family, it is clear that our Agattu is equipped to a high standard: its elegantly painted mono-tube frame in a square shape offers a wide opening for a comfortable entry – even though the long-range 500 Wh battery is conveniently located on the seat tube. The latest technology is on board for the drive: the new, whisper-quiet Bosch “ActiveLine” in the high-torque “Plus” version. Combined with belt drive that directs motor and leg power to the low-maintenance 8-speed hub gears. For safe deceleration: hydraulic rim brakes plus back pedal brake (optional). For comfort: a high-quality gel caliper (with side protection) including spring support. And a lockable suspension fork.
Driving characteristics for connoisseurs
The outstanding seat and handlebar ergonomics provide noticeable comfort. The suspension fork smoothes out coarse parts. The driving characteristics: extremely balanced, narrow tyres give the Kalkhoff a sporty touch. Even pleasure tours are possible with the Agattu. The Bosch “Active Plus” shows its superiority on the mountain, is very harmonious, fits very well to the area of application, inspires with its freewheel. The encapsulated 8-speed gearshift (perfect for everyday use) needs the typical hub-memory second on steep climbs to change gears. Just step back briefly and the gear slips in. The hydraulic brakes on the test wheel pull very well and are wonderfully easy to operate.
The Kalkhoff Agattu Excite is a premium city bike. Agile, but always confident, it circles in circles and is even suitable for touring. Driving pleasure included – daily. Very good, recommendation!
Measured values Range
Tour (medium mode) >100 km
City (Power mode) 65 km
Balanced mileage
3-fold brake system, high-quality equipment, noble optics
Harmonious motor, ideal for city and pleasure tours & beginners
Technology Info
General information
Price: 2999 Euro
weight: 26,3 kg
Frame type: Wave 26″ XS/45; 28″ S/45, M/50, L/55, XL/60 cm
Brakes: Magura HS11 hydraulic brakes and back pedal
Gear shift: Shimano Nexus shift hub, 8 gears
Permissible total weight (bike+rider+baggage): 130 kg
Special features: lockable suspension fork, luggage carrier with bag system, spring support, choice of freewheel or recoil, 26″ or 28″ wheels, belt attachment, gel saddle
propulsion system
Drive concept: Mid-mounted engine, Bosch, Active Plus 2018
Start-up / pushing aid: Yes
Recuperation: No
Battery size: 500/400 Wh