Electric bicycle in France, a real trend

After its huge market growth between 2016 and 2017 (90% increase), the French market of electric bicycle is still doing very well with a 21% increase between 2017 and 2018. What are the reasons of this growth ? Prices decrease, broad product offer and subsidies. Therefore, are the french more and more conscious of the need for change ?

A lot of influencers, associations and different kind of organizations preach the virtues of the french « vélotaf », a term that emerged a few years ago. The « vélotaf » is the use of a bike during home-workplace journeys. This trend is more and more present in the daily life of the french people and with the implementation of the new mobility allowance (400 euro for sustainable transport), it could expand in a faster way.

Therefore, electric bicycles sales shouldn’t slow down, at least during the next few years thanks to local subsidies which are regularly renewed all around France (Grand Paris Seine Ouest, Orléans, Nice, Grand Lyon, Rennes, Poitiers, Bayonne, Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne, etc… (full list of cities offering subsides here).

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